You are laughed

You sit on the bench.The passerby who watched you chuckles.
What do you think is the reason for that?

1.Your face had a graffiti.
2.You attached a mask.
3.You were nude.
4.There was a hole in your clothes.
5.It was not you to be laughed.









The dream of the candle seems to suggest that hope comes true. Fire or light dream too.
It may be good news if a person with an infertile has a dream.

doggy people

I have read  Kyara story. Kyara is current China.
The Kyara story is a collection of short stories written in Japan in about 1187.The contents are love.
One of the stories has the story of the woman who had make love with a male dog. She refused the marriage that the parent decided and lived in the seclusion with a woman attendant.
The woman attendant loved the dog which came to the garden, but became the sexual relationship gradually.
The hostess to see it became unbearable and invited a dog into the bed.

Similar story is seen in various places.
There is the genre called bestiality in a porn site.There are a lot of movies to appear of a woman and the dog.There is the porn of the feeling that an amateur made at home in that.
I am made to think crossbreeding of a primitive era.

Whenever I watch a big dog and a woman walkies, I remind the story.


Nikubuton is a Chinese classic fong-lau novel.This novel was written to Rigyo in about 1680.It fong-lau means “sexual affair.”
The chief character of the story is Biousei.He has intelligence and good-looking.His purpose is to obtain a world’s best women.However, his has small penis.Intelligence and good-looking were helpful to get women, but his friend said when it was sex to be helpful later.Therefore he asked the taoism-master for the remodeling of the penis.The taoism-master cut the penis of the copulating-dog and buried it in penis of Biousei.Biousei who became the bigdick is absorbed in sexsual-foolery.However, he has lost an opportunity to get the world’s best women in the meantime.
The above is the outline of the story.

I think the sex to be a thing such as the medicine. The excessive drinking of the medicine is not good. Nature is best.

By the way, it is not necessary to remodel my part.


women’s sumo

When I draw a picture, I use a POSER. POSER is software to draw a computer-graphic.
The data of the person and background are sold separately. The woman drawn on this picture is figure-data called Victoria.
I change a parameter to change the posture of the woman. However, it is difficult to let me sonkyo of the woman. Sonkyo is action of the sumo.
I think that I describe a naked painting. This is because it is not necessary to buy her clothes-data.

Beautiful woman washes your back

The times when privately-owned cars did not spread, many people were not blessed with chances to go for a trip. Therefore many companies planned a recreational trip for an employee. Because there were many male employees in the company, the service using the women was liked.
There was the hot-spring resort that provided such service in each place of Japan. Katayamazu Onsen was the one, too.
In late years the people who felt a louche institution disagreeable increased as family visitors increased. However, there is the soapland which continues being open because demand does not disappear.