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doggy people

I have read  Kyara story. Kyara is current China.
The Kyara story is a collection of short stories written in Japan in about 1187.The contents are love.
One of the stories has the story of the woman who had make love with a male dog. She refused the marriage that the parent decided and lived in the seclusion with a woman attendant.
The woman attendant loved the dog which came to the garden, but became the sexual relationship gradually.
The hostess to see it became unbearable and invited a dog into the bed.

Similar story is seen in various places.
There is the genre called bestiality in a porn site.There are a lot of movies to appear of a woman and the dog.There is the porn of the feeling that an amateur made at home in that.
I am made to think crossbreeding of a primitive era.

Whenever I watch a big dog and a woman walkies, I remind the story.


Nikubuton is a Chinese classic fong-lau novel.This novel was written to Rigyo in about 1680.It fong-lau means “sexual affair.”
The chief character of the story is Biousei.He has intelligence and good-looking.His purpose is to obtain a world’s best women.However, his has small penis.Intelligence and good-looking were helpful to get women, but his friend said when it was sex to be helpful later.Therefore he asked the taoism-master for the remodeling of the penis.The taoism-master cut the penis of the copulating-dog and buried it in penis of Biousei.Biousei who became the bigdick is absorbed in sexsual-foolery.However, he has lost an opportunity to get the world’s best women in the meantime.
The above is the outline of the story.

I think the sex to be a thing such as the medicine. The excessive drinking of the medicine is not good. Nature is best.

By the way, it is not necessary to remodel my part.